Advance Recovery Services INC
As a full service repossession company, we offer a wide range of professional services to cover all needs in asset recovery.

Safe & Real

Asset Recovery

Advance Recovery Services INC is known to provide leading repossession services with industry specific insurances, certifications, training and resources.  We have a secure facility based in Port St. Lucie, Florida & travel at least 50 miles in all directions.  Click here to learn more about our service area.

Condition Reports

We take the time needed to fully document the current condition of collateral secured by our team, and even capture various pictures of everything so there are no questions.

Personal Property Report

Our team will go through everything piece by piece and document, remove & store anything inside your unit.

In-House Skip Tracing

Our team is well known for being able to find new addresses, phone numbers and points of contact when your customer is not being found at the locations or numbers you have on file.

We don’t stop there…

Involuntary Repossession

Our team is ready to lawfully & promptly secure collateral from customers who may not wish to voluntarily surrender.

Voluntary Repossession

Provide us with good contact information and we will quickly contact your customer and secure your collateral.

Impound Recovery

Call us when your asset is secured in an impound yard and we will take care of everything to secure it for you.

Insured, Certified & Digital Efforts

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